The company of

the future


Discover more about a success story with a bold vision of transforming businesses and affect communities for the better.

01, Our Ambitions

The world is changing around us. In order to be ready today for tomorrow, we are always looking ahead to understand the trends and forces that will shape our world in the future and execute in order to prepare for what's to come.

But our story starts with our ambitions that define our purpose as a company and serve as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions:

  • To innovate with technology and create solutions for every business – solutions that make work easier;
  • To use technology and create value for every individual –solutions with a positive impact in their lives, health and happiness;
  • To make the world better – to make a difference at a global scale.
02, The values that rule our activity

    We assume our decisions, our successes, but also our mistakes. This involves commitment, responsibility and no compromises, an honest collaboration with our colleagues, but also with our clients and partners.


    We are convinced that when a business loses its pioneering spirit and just holds on to what it has achieved up to that point, progress comes to an end. We believe that aiming high is the only way to stay competitive in a competitive world.


    We really understand the importance of being customer-oriented and are committed to continuously learning about our customers’ needs, placing their interests ahead of our own.


    Performance is an essential element of what we do. We manage client and firm resources effectively and each project we finalize provides measurable results. We do not forget that we are successful only if our clients are successful.


    Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. Our company is built around the belief that the best people are attracted by the opportunity to work on the most challenging projects and to meet the objectives settled.


    We are a profit-driven organization. We use our resources to deliver the best to all clients and to create value for the company. We also understand the responsibility we have to the society and to our world and we do our best to help and make a difference for those in need.


At global level our business is done via partner network and our main priority is to build and develop partners sharing our vision and capable of selling, implementing and supporting Star Storage solutions.

Our global Go-To-Market strategy is Partner focused and is designed to leverage Partner focus areas, Partner’s strengths and expertise in conjunction with our innovative solutions, combined with a comprehensive joint Go To Market business plan.

Our Partner Program is built on the belief that partnering is a competitive advantage and is the key to our global growth. Our comprehensive, flexible program gives unparalleled benefits for partners who sell, recommend, implement and deliver Star Storage solutions as part of their business.

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