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The campaign was launched by Save the Children Romania, which aims to raise funds for the endowment with incubators of 15 cities maternities.

01, Reason of the campaign

Although in recent decades the infant mortality rate in our country has been reduced considerably from 26.9 to 9.4 deaths per thousand newborn babies, according to a European study, infant mortality rate in Romania is double the European average of 4.1 per thousand, which is alarming for our country.

Eurostat statistics show that Romania is in first place in the EU in terms of infant mortality rate, and in our country die annually, on average, about 1,900 children younger than one year.

The infant mortality rate can be reduced and deaths can be prevented through provision of advanced medical equipment to maternity and newborn wards and through the development of support programs for mothers and children.

Welcome to the world
02, The result of the campaign

In this campaign, Star Storage has donated the amount needed to purchase two last generation incubators for maternity Filantropia from Craiova and Emergency County Hospital from Cluj-Napoca.

You can support the "Welcome to the world!" Campaign, online donating by accessing the following link:


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