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Partner: Overland

For more than 20 years, IT professionals use Overland Storage to protect critical information. Overland designs and manufactures back-up and recovery devices based on band (band libraries and autoloaders) or disks, winners of famous distinctions. With more than 75,000 customers in the entire world and scores of distinctions, Overland leads high performance date protection solutions.

Libraries and autoloaders.

Innovation and hard tests have located Overland band technologies as industrial confident standard, in particular, in critical environments, where 24/24, 7 days a week operation and high availability are required. At the same time, the connectivity, the reliability, the performance and the modular scalability ensure investment’s protection and low TCO. In case of its libraries and autoloaders with a capacity from 50 GB to 200 TB, Overland Storage offers large variety of band technologies, including LTO, SDLT and AIT and compatibility proved on important back-up applications. Advanced connectivity features offer to customers the possibility to incorporate Overland libraries in Fiber Channel, SCSI storage networks and increase back-up and restore capabilities in SUN and NAS medium, allowing LAN-free and server-free back-up. NEO library family protects enterprise data, with continuous operation, extension upon request, investment protection, remote library management and serverless back-up in SAN medium. NEO technology made by Overland won more distinctions than any other supplier, including the distinction “The product of the year”, given to the most important magazine in the field, Storage Magazine. The newest product in NEO range is NEO 8000, data-centre class library, which offers up to 200 TB for storage, in a space with a fingerprint of not more than 19 inch. NEO 8000 supplies performance, scalability and data availability at the highest level through a technology that was proved in use as being the best of its class.

Disk back-up and recovery

The REO 4000 series of disk back-up and recovery devices contains high capacity SATA disks, specialized software and SCSI and Fiber Channel connectivity. Specially developed for back-up and recovery, REO 4000 reduces back-up and recovery time with up to 300%. Additionally, REO 4000 is capable of working as disk and as virtual band allowing for easy integration in an existing back-up and recovery solution. As ideal platform for disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T), REO offers fast back-up, maintains data near-line for instantaneous recovery and allows for data archiving on band without affecting the performance of the network.


Overland built and maintained powerful relations with OEM suppliers, with the value-added resellers, with the distributors, integrators and storage sellers. The company won the respect of worldwide resellers through its commitment fully respected to support distribution channels without competing with them. More than that, long term partnerships with top storage suppliers, including drive, SAN and NAS suppliers, top hardware and software suppliers, allows Overland to supply completely tested and certified back-up solutions.

About Overland Storage

Overland Storage supplies high class data protection solutions, designed to ensure business persistency with focus on back-up and recovery. These include also NEO series, the winner of the most distinctions for automatic storage libraries, who established new standards of intelligent, automatic and scalable storage, and the REO series, which offers disk back-up acceleration solution. Overland sells its products everywhere in the world through OEM leaders, through distributors, storage integrators and value-add resellers.

Tape Libraries

NEOxl 80

NEO XL-Series libraries address the need for midrange and enterprise businesses to do more with less by providing effortless automated backup that combines flexibility, density, high-performance and affordability to ensure that data is protected faster, smarter, easier and more cost effectively.

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Overland Neo E Series

Whether your data storage challenges involve rapidly expanding data, complex networking environments, costly downtime or overburdened IT resources, NEO E SERIES® midrange libraries deliver the power and performance you need to protect your data center.

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