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What is StarCapture Mobile?

StarCapture Mobile is an innovative solution, aligned with current trends of digital transformation and mobility adopted by top companies around the world.

Developed from the ground up to optimize business operations and increase sales revenue StarCapture Mobile is specially created for mobile devices empowering your sales force to reach its true potential, regardless of customer’s location.

Prepare yourself to be amazed by the number of new contracts and step into a new era of customer interaction.



Signing a new contract or renew an existing one has never been easier. Now your entire sales force has total freedom leveraging a powerful tool that works on every tablet using Android, iOS, Windows operating system or on any computer (PC, laptop) which runs on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Get more contracts signed in a shorter period of time with digital or biometric signature functionalities, directly on your sales representative tablet, regardless of customer location

The IT view

StarCapture Mobile is:

  • A flexible solution build for easy administration and configuration. At the same time the solution is designed for flexible integration with core systems, storage systems and DMS.
  • A front office application that natively supports frequent changes in content, flows, security rules and export procedures without the need for change requests.

The Line of Business view

StarCapture Mobile is an innovative enterprise mobile capture solution that:

  • Offers quick ROI, reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactions through the use of mobile devices and biometric signatures.
  • Significantly improves the overall customer experience of most common office activities such as credit requests, opening debit cards, new account opening, contract renewals, etc.

This revolutionary solution can be used in a variety of industries such as insurance, finance, banking, telecommunications, utilities, healthcare, public sector etc. where mobile data capture can reduce enrollment errors, operational risks, increase data processing speed and provide a new level of customer experience and interaction.

Horizontal use cases

  • Lead generation, ID Scanning, customer enrollment / account opening, asset inventory, field services, etc.)

Industry specific use cases:

  • Financial services: customer engagement, balance transfer, bill payments;
  • Healthcare: patient communication & care, e-prescription, medication monitoring etc.

Horizontal business needs resolved in a flash:

  • Streamline front office processes while maintaining security
  • Reduce time for completing forms.
  • Collect personnel data fast and accurate
  • Automatically check the client with back-end apps
  • Reduce the amount of physical paper
  • Shorten the time needed to fill in documents
  • Shorter time for on-site and back office processing
  • Client authentication when engaging in commercial and contractual activities
  • Fast document signing regardless of the customer’s location
  • Encrypted electronic documents
  • Secure transmission and storage of documents in distributed locations
  • Electronic documents that can be certified for authenticity

ID Scanning

  • Reduce data collection time by automatically taking the information from ID cards with just a simple screen tap. ID data capture time is between 3 to 5 seconds and total processing time for ID cards is under 30 seconds.
  • Build-in forms that allow for fast review and if necessary, correction of data as well as the addition of new information.

Document Generation

  • Automatically connect to back office servers for client verification and antifraud processing.
  • Automatically generate documents in PDF format.
  • Autocomplete documents with the client’s data.
  • Automatically send completed and signed documents to back-office.

Biometric Signing

  • Automatically generate electronically signed documents (with qualified certificate and time stamp).
  • The signature is saved biometrically and it can be used to verify the authenticity of the signee (a single signature is sufficient for a document).

Advanced Security

  • All documents can be encrypted if necessary.
  • Transmission of data and information is done using an encrypted HTTPS connection and/or via VPN.
  • Usage of qualified certificates makes document forgery impossible.

Easy configuration

Unlike other solutions which require extensive customization and implementation. StarCapture Mobile provides extensive out of the box configuration features and administration options:

  • user friendly interface - can be used by end customer directly
  • possibility to configure sales packages and publish them to the entire salesforce
  • manage devices, users and permissions
  • manage salesforce assignments
  • sales person individual activity reporting and monitoring
  • get automatically updates from central server
  • suited for offline activities if needed


  • Adaptable and highly configurable solution, drastically reducing implementation time and costs.
  • Very user friendly and easy to understand with minimal training.
  • High OCR accuracy for standard documents and fields (close to 99% on MRZ codes).
  • Well documented web services for easily integration with other systems.
  • Flexible licensing for different components:
    • License the StarCapture Mobile Server only and build your own client applications
    • License just what you need: the biometric signing component only or the ID scanning component only
  • Fast ROI at organizational level
  • Current digital solutions involve at least 3 different types of hardware with their respective software solutions (front office apps, printers, signature pads, back office and approval workflows). Our solution requires just one type of hardware and software: StarCapture Mobile and a tablet. All the back office processes are automatically stated by the application.
  • practical and ergonomic application running on Windows 8.1, Windows 10, iOS and Android
  • Streamline the registration of new customers directly into business core systems (BI, ERP).




Available both as a perpetual license for On-Premises deployment as well as an On Demand cloud based delivery, you can choose what’s best for you:



Choose On-Premises deployment and use your existing infrastructure and your specialized IT resources already available to empower your sales force.


On Demand

Use the On Demand solution to pay as you use, with no initial cost for infrastructure, software or implementation services


document digitization

Fast ROI – enroll more customers and increase your sales force mobility while showcasing your premium value

transform paper based processes into paperless

Go mobile – empower your sales force to get more contracts rolling regardless of the customer’s location

Archive documents

Increase efficiency - reduce customer waiting time and eliminate front office queues leveraging paperless operations processes

Free IT resources

“Ready-to-Go” solution - agile and flexible solution to accommodate specific customizations

Reduce company exposure and mitigate risks

Reduce security risks- reduce the risks associated with customer identity fraud


Find out how StarCapture Mobile can collect all ID data in just a few seconds and completely change the way you interact with your customers


Sign up today for a live demo and find out how StarCapture Mobile can get more contracts rolling for yor business while reducing cost and time for customers and employees interactions through the use of mobile devices and biometric signatures.