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WHAT IS StarCapture?

StarCapture is an application that converts paper documents into an electronic format, so that the information is made available easy and quick, through a single click. By integrating StarCapture with other systems (for instance, ERP or CRM Document Management systems), the information initially included in paper documents is immediately made available to all the users.


Information is the most important resource companies have in today's highly competitive business environment.

Star Storage is the market leader in archiving management outsourcing: physical and electronic archiving. Combining the best technologies available worldwide and its over 15 years of experience in information management, we offer data and document capture solutions that allow organizations to exploit information according to its actual value, irrespective of their field of activity. Star Capture is available in three versions: StarCapture Enterprise, StarCapture Standard and StarCapture Mobile.

  • StarCapture Enterprise - is designed for companies that process extremely large volumes of documents, through well-structured work processes and with specialized personnel.
  • StarCapture Desktop - a versatile product, easy to install and use, targeting companies and enterprises with various document scanning and conversion needs, both for departments, as well as for entire enterprises.

Collecting and transmitting correspondence. We know that incoming or outgoing correspondence within a company is a mirror of business processes and highly influences the relation with the outside business environment. Star Capture comes in with a key function for the mail room capture leveraging automatic learning capacity to separate scanned images. Existing workflows or registry integrated solutions receive extra value from electronic version of physical documents.

Completion of files - Customers, patients, suppliers, employees files or just the files associated to a case (such as claims) end up to require a large collection of documents. Star Capture 5 offers the most suitable tool to build these electronic files, so that no document gets lost and the electronic mirror image of a customer, patient, supplier or employee file is safely stored and available at any time.

Daily documents capture - Expenses, internal forms, support documents, recipes, or any other document required in ad-hoc or in a well-defined business process can be quickly electronically classified and transmitted to its final destination.

Building up an electronic archive of documents - Documents must be able to be quickly archived, with maximum safety in order to maintain them as mandated by the retention policies or holds. Star Capture functionalities provides not just the usual capture but also digital signatures using qualified certificates, a time stamping and the PDF/A standard archiving format. Transmitting these documents to platforms such as EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, SEAL or Hitachi Content Platform, enables their long-term preservation in accordance with existent retention policies.

  • Classify documents to reduce physical document management costs;
  • Centralized or independent configuration management, while able to work also “off line”;
  • Automatic document detection and type recognition (image fingerprinting, bar code recognition)
  • Unlimited OCR operations for full text search enablement and for text-from-image metadata indexing;
  • Conversion to PDF/A format for long-term storage and archiving;
  • Integrated with Hitachi Content Platform; uses multi tenant, setting metadata, retention, shredding etc.;
  • Able to add digital signatures (with qualified certificates) and formal time stamps for regulated environments;
  • Dynamic learning from user operations.

Find out why we are different

  • StarCapture is a powerful capture product oriented towards business processes, to capture data and documents generated at individual or departmental level.
  • StarCapture helps fuel line-of-business systems and applications with data from physical documents. After that documents can by simultaneous consulted by several persons regardless of their geographical location, allowing them to build up an electronic archive.
  • StarCapture is modular and scalable, equipped with a modern and ergonomic design, with intuitive graphical interface, ensuring its adoption among users whether they are both within large deployments and individual usage.

Benefits for your business

With StarCapture you have at your fingertips a mature product for data and documents capture. Now, you can process any kind of file alongside scanned images, classify and efficiently transmit acquired data to all your business systems and applications.

  • Knowledge management: Improve searchability and shareability of business documents.
  • Increased productivity: Improve process throughput.
  • Reduced office costs: Optimize physical storage space
  • Better customer service: Improve speed of access to data
  • Compliance: Ensure records security and accessibility.
  • Optimized environmental costs: Reduce usage of paper and copying costs
  • Reduced operational costs: Streamline post, transportation and document logistics activities.
  • Efficient business continuity and disaster recovery plans

With StarCapture you can:

  • Scan documents or use of existing documents (eg. Photos, PDF, Microsoft Word files)
  • Process documents for a better quality
  • Automatically classify documents and group pages based on innovative learning algorithms
  • Associate meta descriptors by using manual or automatic methods, or by selecting the value from a list/ taken form an existent data base
  • Use optical character recognition (OCR) for both general text and document classification
  • Use optical barcode recognition (BCR) to fill in automatically document metadata
  • Apply automatic metadata validation to enforce business regulations


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