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AIIM Executive Summary: Redefining technology - The Tool not the Goal

When thinking about a paper-free initiative or other organizational improvement plan, there is a misconception that technology—not process or people—is the primary barrier and cost of entry to improving our organizations. A number of us have blind faith in technology as a solution, and in its innate ability to singlehandedly provide our desired end state. The reality is that you can't buy a paper-free enterprise; technology is a tool—albeit an essential tool—but one that is inextricably linked to the support of people and process to solve business problems and achieve our goals.


  • 40% of respondents report having a number of paper free processes already in place;
  • 14% are actively looking at every process to decommission paper and move to a digital centric way of business
  • 51% of respondents in paperless offices cited improved searchability and shareability of business documents
  • 46% of respondents in paperless offices cited improved process productivity
Redefining tech


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