your IT infrastructure

Solution Center

When replacing or improving your IT infrastructure, it is very likely you will want to use new technologies. But this is not something to be carried out in a hurry. Therefore, a critical element in reducing risks and ensuring the success of the solution deployment is the possibility to test the future hardware and software or the technologies that were demonstrated and tailored to your specific needs. The ability to test and demonstrate your solution in advance, before deployment, can help you avoid lots of problems and uncertainties.

In order to help its customers in the decision-making process, Star Storage built its own Solution Center within its headquarters. In this center, the Star Storage solutions can be demonstrated, configured and tested on data and applications similar to those existing in your enterprise. During the demonstrations, the Star Storage hardware, software or consultancy experts will permanently keep in touch with you, in order to explain the various configurations, fine tuning settings, specifications of the related hardware and software.

You will be able to test a wide range of complex solutions with the configurations that best fit your specific needs, such as:

  • centralized storage solutions and storage virtualization on magnetic disks
  • high performance disk backup solutions, on VLT type equipment, with capabilities for advanced data deduplication
  • and secure remote replication of virtual tapes
  • solutions for electronic archiving on specialized storage equipment, for storing fixed-content information on an object level (archiving electronic documents, e-mails, CDR's of phone companies etc.)
  • replication, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Thus, by watching and participating in the demonstration and testing of a configuration similar to the one existing in your enterprise, you can be sure that you will take the optimal decision regarding the investments in the new infrastructure.


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