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Document Production and Delivery 

Transactional documents are considered to be the first contact you have with clients, the main business card in a client - company relationship.

That's why it is important that these documents are personalized not only with transactional information they were made for but also with the personal message of your brand. StarDoc, the Output Management Division of Star Storage, offers complete output management solutions based on the outsourcing of the entire process of document management to ensure you a good impact and an efficient one-to-one communication with your clients. The Output Management Division supports you for the entire process of personalizing documents.

Services we offer:

  • Variable data processing – generating printing files based on the customer’s data files and a number of document templates;
  • Digital Printing Services in black&white and full color;
  • Documents Finishing Services: folding, enveloping, booklet making;
  • Postal Delivery Services: including Postal costs Optimization by database cleansing;
  • Multi Chanel Delivery: personalized Emails, faxes, SMS.


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