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Personalized communication with all clients with Star Storage Transpromo Document Production Service


Personalized communication with each client is at the top of the wish list for all companies. In a world where clients are surrounded by an information blast, where communication channels have multiplied unimaginable and where we are dominated by mobile devices it is almost impossible for a marketer to be sure that his message is received and understood by the clients. This wish is now possible thanks to the transpromo materials.

Star Storage is the only Romanian company that has the ability to produce Transpromo documents (white paper marketing). This means we have the ability to use the same document to combine information (financial data, bank extract, informational letters etc.) with a promotional message, personalized according to the preferences, lifestyle and buying habits of the recipient.

The process of generating dynamic documents

By using the latest informational platform, we have the ability to extract data from most of the CRM informational systems on the market. The same platform allows us to combine this information to generate dynamic documents. These documents will contain text written information and a series of graphic elements resulted from the interpretation of the transactional data: Bar or Pie chart charts that help clients analyze the received information, different images that can announce clients about a future event that might interest the, linear or 2D bar codes to make it easier for the document to be identified at the register or to extend the printed information in the digital area (QR codes).

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SEAL is a state of the art electronic archiving system that provides you with a strong set of tools (included data capture software) to build your electronic archive and minimize paper handling.


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