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STATUS is designed to take the interaction between patient and healthcare industry (doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies) to the next level:

  • Interoperability and information sharing between care providers
  • Consolidating and organizing data from different sources (medical equipment, systems support activity, etc.) to enable easy monitoring and data analysis by healthcare providers or insurance companies;
  • Easy, secure and user controlled access to medical records for better patient-medical care provider interaction;
  • Zero paper customer engagement;
  • Mobile - available anytime, on any device.

A solution that addresses real-world challenges & trends in healthcare: Status Healthcare Hub

Status Healthcare Hub - digital medical record
  • Rising cost of delivering healthcare
  • Maximize technology usage – digital, cloud, mobility, analytics, remote health monitoring
  • Mobile healthcare - available anytime, on any device
  • Connected Healthcare - IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Zero-paper healthcare
  • Interoperability and information sharing between care providers
  • Consolidation of data from healthcare providers, patients and doctors
  • Information intelligently presented in the relevant context
  • Information powered clinical decision making to improve quality & patient outcomes
  • Patient engagement & community integration

Powerful solution in the Cloud-First and Mobile-First world to stay ahead of actual trends
  • Powerful cloud-based technologies, on-premises installation option and world-class services built to scale - on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone (mobile-ready).
  • Our modern technology ensures solutions are available exactly where and when they are needed, across computers, browsers, and devices of choice.
Status Healthcare Hub - Cloud based medical solution
STATUS for the Health Insurance Customers
  • Keep all the health records in one place that’s secured and available online;
  • Get the lab results, medical images, visit records and prescription history from a growing list of health service providers, labs, pharmacies who send health information to Status on the patient request. Whether the health records are transferred electronically, provided on optical disk or printed on paper the patient will have everything on its electronic medical record available for use and share as needed;
  • Keep the health information at the fingertips and access it using any mobile device (smartphone, tablets) or any regular PC;
  • Keep track of all the health and wellness details – emergency information, conditions and illnesses, medications, lab results, X-Rays, CTs, scans and other images, health history, allergies, whether managing acute or chronical health issues or just want to stay in control of the health and wellness;
  • Be better prepared for unexpected emergencies by making the critical health information available for emergency services;
  • Get more out of the doctor visits by having all the health data available: allergies, up-to-date medication, recent health parameters readings (blood pressure, blood glucose, weight), long term history for the medical parameters and lab results, X-Rays, CTs, scans and other images;
  • Track the health parameters to help monitor chronic conditions by using connected healthcare devices that make it easy to upload data to Status. By tracking the parameters the patient can identify trends, patterns and stay aware and motivated for better health choices;
  • Easily share health information with trusted doctors, family or friends so that they can provide second opinions or guidance on the health problems;
STATUS - Take control of your health.

Medical Summary:

  • Psychological;
  • Pathological;
  • Social behavior;
  • Allergies;
  • Immunizations;
  • Prostheses.
medical summary

Medical Records:

  • Laboratory investigations reports;
  • Imaging investigation reports;
  • Clinical notes;
  • Hospital admission forms;
  • Medical letters;
  • Medical events;
  • Multimedia;
  • Events;
  • Quick preview functionality for faster identification of the desired record.
medical records
medical parameters

Medical Parameters:

  • Evolution, history and trends for the medical parameters
  • User friendly interface
  • Possibility to define specific set of parameters (collections) for a specific need (e.g. specialty)
medication management

Medication management:

  • Current medication;
  • History;
  • Schedule;
  • Mobile notifications.

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STATUS is a solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.


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