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Digital Mailroom and Corespondence Management

The solution enables control over the company mail, both incoming and outgoing, offering scanning, data capture and automatic document routing capabilities.

Main features offered are:

  • Document capture and registration - enables the scanning of documents that entered the organization, indexing, advanced image processing, and their indexation and validation in electronic format;
  • Content management – distribute electronically the correspondence, build relations between documents, add scanned images anytime in the flow;
  • Tracing correspondence – follows document history, their trace and resolution times (e.g. complaints, requests, petitions); innovative graphical representation of correspondence flow in an easy to read format;
  • Notifications and workflows - controlled document distribution, authorizations, notifications by email, deadlines, ad hoc routing and approval workflows; may also be used as mixed "mailroom" with correspondence delivery in paper and electronic format;
  • Reporting - analysis of the total number of received or sent documents, resolution type, time and method of request reception, etc.

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced  Products


SEAL is a state of the art electronic archiving system that provides you with a strong set of tools (included data capture software) to build your electronic archive and minimize paper handling.



StarCapture Desktop is your application for all conversions from paper document to electronic format. By integrating StarCapture with other systems (like ERP or CRM Document Management systems), the information initially included in paper documents is immediately made available to all the users.



ERA is a software solution for Digital Mail room, Electronic Registry and Correspondence Management that transforms your mail room from a cost center and a continuously source of bottlenecks into a strategic asset, generating real value for your company.


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