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ID scanning

Mobile image capture is more and more interesting for Line of Businesses and not only for IT, offering a fast ROI for major business processes. As a result, Line of Business have a growing stake in technology / vendor choice. Line of Business needs “Ready-to-Go” platforms, agile and flexible to accommodate specific customization, and not customized application developed for their own specific needs.

Mobile image capture is very useful in business processes

  • Horizontal: lead generation, ID Scanning, customer enrollment / account opening, asset inventory, field services, etc.)
  • Vertical specific like financial services (customer engagement, balance transfer, bill payments) or healthcare (patient communication & care, e-prescription, medication monitoring; etc.)


  • The front office processes have to fast and secure.
  • Reduce time for completing forms.
  • Collect personnel data fast and accurate.

StarCapture Mobile is a flexible platform for easy administration and configuration. Designed for integration with core systems, storage systems and DMS the solution is a front office applications that supports frequent changes in content, flows, security rules and export procedures without the need for change requests.

  • From Line of Business view, StarCapture Mobile is an innovative enterprise mobile capture solution that reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactions through the use of mobile devices and bio metric signatures. The application improves the overall customer experience of most common office activities such as credit requests, opening debit cards, etc.

Although we wish we were paperless most of the information is still trapped on paper documents like bills, receipts, invoices, ID Docs, forms, claims. We need to capture / digitize,  extract, classify, validate, enrich, process,  eSign / bio metric sign and archive.


  • We reduce data collection time by automatically taking the information from ID cards.
  • ID data capture time is between 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Accuracy of collected data is over 95%.
  • Build-in forms that allow for fast review and if necessary, correction of data as well as the addition of new information.
  • Total processing time for ID cards is under 30 seconds.
  • Adaptable and highly configurable, drastically reducing implementation time and costs.
  • Very user friendly and easy to understand with minimal training.
  • High OCR accuracy for standard documents and fields (close to 99% on MRZ codes).
  • Well documented web services for easily integration with other systems.
  • Flexible licensing for different components
    • License the StarCapture Mobile Server only and build your own client applications
    • License just what you need: the biometric signing component only or the ID scanning component only.
  • Automatically use all ID data
  • Reduce the number of paper records necessary for customer transactions
  • Reduce the physical communication volume between FO and BO/HQ
  • Reduce security risks associated with customer identity fraud
  • Improve Front Office efficiency
  • Give customers access to the Latest Technology


Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced  Products


StarCapture is an app that converts paper documents into an electronic format, so that the information is made available easy and quick, through a single click.



Developed from the ground up to optimize business operations and increase sales revenue StarCapture Mobile is specially created for mobile devices empowering your sales force to reach its true potential, regardless of customer’s location.


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