Litigation Case Management

Litigation Case Management solution

The solution enables the management of litigation-related files and documents, from the stage of conciliation or legal action all during the court appearances, up to their resolution.

Litigation registration - enables centralized management of documents related to each litigation using a number assigned by the court, the court handling a litigation, etc.

Data for litigation resolution registration - enables the updating of information on the date of resolution of a litigation, file, etc. in court; sends notifications 10 days before the set date for appeal;

Court resolutions registration - enables the management of all documents referring to the decisions of the courts and automatically sends notifications 10 days before the expiry of the term of recourse;

File life-cycle management  - the application enables the viewing of files on the roll of the court, depending on the court date and trial stage; prioritizes the files referring to litigations depending on the current resolution stage;

Litigation information search  - the application enables fast or advanced search, depending on the viewing rights preset for each user: the legal matter of the litigation, the grounds, the file number, the court of justice, the name of the practice, the value of the Litigation, etc;

Security - authentication of users is done based on the user name and the related password.

The management of access rights is performed by the solution administrator;

The value of litigation, the expenses incurred and the recovered amounts management  - management of provisions, warranties, insurance measures and the quality of the parties involved in the file; enables building relations between files based on certain criteria selected by the user.

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