Medical Data Archiving with Azure


The medical system faces the outstanding task of managing the surging volume and increased dispersion of administrative healthcare data, while also providing fast and effective medical services. With the help of our robust solution, SEAL delivered from Azure, Microsoft's public cloud computing platform, for accessing, organizing, storing and protecting administrative and healthcare documents, you can now focus on your medical services while reducing the time for administrative activities.


Typical medical archiving systems in place today face major challenges due to the lack of scalability and interoperability or inadequate security rules and policies. Protection of sensitive information such as healthcare data is a major issue. Recent reports from reputable institutions such as the National Institute of Health from USA indicate that the amount of healthcare data being generated quadruples every 2 years. A single patient can account for up to 1 TB of data (radiology, cardiology, neurosurgery, etc.).

  • Sharing clinical imaging data securely is not easy to be achieved;
  • Cost Pressure - as hospitals and medical practices are subject to enormous cost pressure, they have to make the administration and distribution of medical imaging data as efficient and economical as possible;
  • Digital data flood hitting healthcare sector;
  • Legal retention periods are also growing longer.


Our solution Azure Clinical Long Term Archiving by STATUS is set to address these challenges with a centralized archiving system that is efficient, scalable, and able to enforce security and retention policies, a system that can be quickly deployed and managed without losing sight of your budget.

Information Governance and Long-term Preservation for Health Data

  • Complete patient history and medical profile.
  • Storing and organizing data from different sources (medical equipment, healthcare applications, etc.), with enhanced capabilities of data mining and statistics achievement.
  • Centralized enterprise-wide management of any type of clinical data.
  • Long-term preservation, automation of retention and compliance policies ensuring legal, regulatory and industry compliance; enforce retention rules based on a records retention schedule, record-holds and enforced disposition if needed.


Azure Clinical Long Term Archiving by STATUS

  • Enables hospitals and practices to store their clinical data flexibly and inexpensively on a long-term basis.
  • Provides an opportunity to securely share medical data with colleagues, inside and outside (e.g. second opinion) the organization, duplication being avoided.
  • No capital investment, data is stored securely on Azure in multiple locations around the world.

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