Multi-channel Data Capture and Customer Engagement for Microsoft SharePoint


Storing, searching and distributing paper documents just became a lot easier.
StarCapture for Microsoft SharePoint enables you to scan, OCR and classify
documents directly to your repository of choice within SharePoint and use
them from any device. Leveraging SharePoint as an intelligent content sharing
environment StarCapture is a state-of-the-art product for data and
documents entry.


  • Only 16% scan and extract data from paper documents. When scanning to archive, only half of those companies use automatic recognition of metadata for indexing;
  • 58% of SharePoint users are not storing scanned image files and only;
  • 9% are executing any workflow or BPM;
  • Only 8% have interfaced SharePoint to an imaging system for index and archive;
  • File sizes and the ability to handle scanned image throughput are the
    biggest concerns;
  • Only 14% of organizations are using capture across multiple processes and departments.


Use StarCapture for SharePoint, a powerful capture product oriented towards business processes, to capture data and documents generated at individual or departmental level. Use them directly from Microsoft SharePoint.

  • StarCapture for Microsoft SharePoint helps fuel line-of-business systems and applications with data from physical documents. Documents can then be simultaneous consulted by multiple persons regardless of their geographical location, effectively building an electronic archive.
  • The possibilities are infinite especially using powerful functionalities such as automatic document detection, dynamic learning from user operations, unlimited OCR and completely flexible metadata schemas.

With StarCapture for Microsoft SharePoint you get:

  • Unlimited document processing;
  • Automatic recognition of document types;
  • Unlimited OCR operations;
  • Barcode recognition;
  • Metadata classification using text recognition;
  • Centralized or independent configuration management;
  • Simultaneous usage of scanned documents directly from SharePoint folders by different users.
  • Easy to setup, independent of any database management system, StarCapture for SharePoint can be deployed quickly in the office and ready for use from day 1. User adoption is straightforward due to its ergonomic design and intuitive graphical interface.

Powerful document capture features:

  • Scanning (compatible with both consumer and professional scanners);
  • Automatic document type recognition (image fingerprinting);
  • Unlimited OCR for full-text search enablement and for text-from-image
    metadata indexing;
  • Conversion to PDF/A format for long term storage and archiving;
  • Natively integrated with SharePoint - all documents including associated metadata are stored as searchable PDF files, readable from any device complementing thus the rich SharePoint functionalities for simultaneous usage of data and document by different users;
  • Able to add digital signatures (with qualified certificates) and formal time stamps for regulated environments.


Real benefits starting from day 1:

  • Knowledge management - Improve searchability/shareability of business documents;
  • Increased productivity - Improve process throughput;
  • Reduce office costs - optimize physical storage space;
  • Better customer service - improve speed of access to data
  • Compliance - records security and accessibility;
  • Optimize environmental costs - reduce usage of paper and copying costs
  • Reduce operational costs - streamline post, transportation, and document logistics activities
  • Implement efficient business continuity/disaster recovery plans
  • Reduce direct labor costs with data entry costs and human errors
  • Gain organizational flexibility - increase the options to relocate, outsource etc.

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Enteprise Document and Data Capture

You have full and exclusive access to the server, with all rights for the management of system and applications that are running on it according on your needs.


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