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Employees folders management


Personnel files management allows the creation, the versioning, the introduction of metadata and the management of personnel files; it allows the import of Individual Work Agreement, Additional Documents, copy of Employment Record Book and  the Employment Record Book etc.".

Documents management - allows the import, the copying, the editing and the deletion of documents;

Quick search and retrieval of personnel files - it can be achieved through combinations of their indexing elements, using the Advanced Search method or navigation through the folder structure. Users will be able to save the searches carried out so that they can rapidly view the filtered results when accessing the application again, without needing to recompose them;

Reports - the solution allows the creation of specific reports: number of employees /department, fluctuations of the number of employees over certain time frames etc.

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SEAL is a state of the art electronic archiving system that provides you with a strong set of tools (included data capture software) to build your electronic archive and minimize paper handling.


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