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Property Documentation Management

Technical Locations Management  - customers' documents are imported and managed in the folder structure of this application, based on a client classification periodically imported from ERP. Their organization is realized according to the distribution network that they belong to. For each new document, the system automatically generates a unique registration number;

Technical Locations Document Search  - it allows fast or advanced search, depending on the viewing rights preset for each user;

Technical Locations adding, editing or erasing - the application allows the adding, the editing and the deletion of technical locations, keeping a track record of each change, the date when it was made and the user who performed it;

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced  Products


SEAL is a state of the art electronic archiving system that provides you with a strong set of tools (included data capture software) to build your electronic archive and minimize paper handling.



StarCapture Desktop is your application for all conversions from paper document to electronic format. By integrating StarCapture with other systems (like ERP or CRM Document Management systems), the information initially included in paper documents is immediately made available to all the users.


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