Supplier Invoice Processing

Supplier Invoice Processing


Invoices received from suppliers can be processed quickly and efficiently by using this solution, which helps both the specialized financial departments, and the persons that order and receive goods and services.

Supplier Invoice Processing solution is a component of "Star Storage Solutions Factory - Real Business Solutions, not Platforms!".

The solution allows the automatic processing of invoices from suppliers and their "linking" to the order or agreement, as well as the associated reception notification. Using BPMS type techniques and electronic archiving, it manages current invoices, as well as the invoices from the historical archive and their associated documents (NVR, Notices, Difference protocol).

The solution allows as well the synchronization of invoice associated metadata and the creation of links to the invoice scanned in an ERP type system (for instance, SAP, Oracle Apps).


"Two way matching" or "three way matching" with acquisition order and goods reception documents; validation with ERP system data; solution managed access to electronic invoices directly from the ERP;


It allows the tracing of a certain invoice's status in the "Three Way Matching" process, as well as the collaboration of all the persons involved in this process


It sends notifications regarding the incoming deadlines for unapproved invoices, daily situations regarding the processed invoices, the daily work tasks etc.


It allows the issuing of reports regarding the processing invoices, the pending  ones, regarding the payment terms for invoices, analyses and performance indicators.

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