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In the banking industry, permanent and fast access to customer data has a major impact on marketing activities, new products / services development and on the way these services are delivered to the customer. However there are other issues to consider besides ensuring loyalty. It's about understanding who your most profitable customers are, which of them have the potential to become the most profitable without losing sight of internal regulations or imposed by competent institutions for documents and business processes.

The construction Industry is undergoing a radical transformation, utilizing modern methods of construction the latest equipment available. The changes brought on by this are going to transform the industry and the companies who embrace these changes will be the winners over the next decade and beyond. However, the Construction Industry has not yet embraced change the way other sectors have. We're hoping to change that.

Minimizing risk is critical to maintaining public safety and security, and, in case of crisis,  protection and fast response are essential. Defense and Public Safety agencies are constantly challenged to improve the efficiency of their personnel and their systems by accessing new technologies. They are also facing the problem of increasing mission requirements, declining budgets and increasing security expectations. Police, the Justice System and first response agencies have strategic and operational responsibility for complex, often sensitive, public safety objectives, without compromising individual rights. Responding to these requirements, while also achieving high performance, means transforming defense and public safety organizations in order to enable fast cost reduction and operational efficiency, to enhance technology infrastructure and to increase citizen security.

The medical system is faced with the outstanding task of managing the surging volume and increased dispersion of administrative data while also providing fast and effective medical services. With the help of our robust solution for accessing, organizing, storing and protecting administrative and healthcare documents, you can now focus on your medical services while reducing the time for administrative activities.

Over the years, Star Storage has acquired a deep understanding of core processes in the manufacturing and other industry sectors. Our process know-how enables us to quickly comprehend specific industry requirements and to look for improvement opportunities using our technological capabilities in the field of information protection and management. Our service offering includes solutions designed to let you meet your business challenges more competitively. Our team of experts, understanding that every organization has specific business goals, offer to our clients customized "ready-to-run" solutions and also integrations with the existing solutions, being able in this way to create innovative solutions designed to improve the effectiveness of your business processes.

In a business environment characterized by stiff competition, enhanced customer expectations, increased costs and especially by legal changes, financial and banking institutions are confronted by a constant decrease in profitability and business value for investors. Regulators, clients, investors and the general public demand a lot more transparency and ask questions to which financial and banking institutions do not have a quick, satisfactory answer.

Every year, fragments if not entire document archives disappear due to "natural" causes: oxidized paper crumbling at a simple touch, documents, films and other magnetic-format materials affected by light, dust or humidity. Like these natural causes, accidents also regularly destroy archives. Floods, fires, earthquakes, looting, are all "disasters" difficult to foresee or avoid, leaving us with the only solution of prevention and reduction of negative effects. The protection of a public institution's documents against loss / destruction / deterioration as a result different factors, the secured access to documents and information, including audit, the permanent monitoring of access to certain categories of documents, the complete insurance of data recovery after any deficiency or disaster, are major issues for any public institution managing documents of national importance.

A main feature of this industry is the organizational, geographical and geo-political data and information volume, that is so high that cannot be globally competed by any other industry's one. Adopting state-of-the-art technologies and integrated data and archive management are the solutions for obtaining the most important innovations in the oil and gas industry. Thus, expertise in data and information management becomes one of the most important resources available to this industry.

Over time, the central and local public administration, gathered enormous volumes of information stored in various systems and multiple formats. Although these documents (mostly on paper) contain essential information to access and reuse this already generated content is a great challenge. Thus the documentation process is delayed and the response to citizen inquiries exceed the comfort limit and can cause image damage to the public institutions.

Today's communication service providers face multiple business and technology issues that have a big impact not only on growth but also on profitability. The most important two of these challenges are: rapid service creation and differentiation capabilities for value-added services, based on customer intimacy which have a direct impact on top-line revenue generation and ARPU(Average revenue per user), market share and churn and the challenge for network operations optimization which directly impacts speed to market, profitability and churn.